spontaneous visit

27. August 2008, Wednesday
39° 53' 19" N, 4° 16' 50" E

A few days ago an old friend of ours, Thomas Mader, called and asked how long we wanted to stay in Mahon - and what our plans were.
Without prior notice, he was at the port in Mahon two days later. Surprise!!!
Quite spontaneous, but that's what he's known for.
We are still on Menorca and are waiting for the right wind to cross to Mallorca, where friends have also announced.
So we are now sailing alone from bay to bay, because Eiland stayed in Mahon to watch a classic yacht ragatta and Hannes and Dominik from Dorasy had to fly to Germany because of a bereavement.
Otherwise, the days flow by calmly and Mader, the ferret, is almost relaxed and has gotten used to life on board.
By the way, he was the first person to almost get seasick at anchor even in calm weather. But now his appetite has returned and he's turned into a real stash killer!
The only thing he can't do is with the alcohol - doesn't he really trust peace with seasickness after all?!