21. August 2008, Thursday
39° 51' 48" N, 4° 8' 37" E

There are thousands of excuses to postpone a project.
With us it is always the intention to lift anchor for a larger crossing and to leave places where we liked it.
Before the crossing, we have to visit one or the other bay or town, drive a passage, dive, or wait for the right wind before we make the jump.
But now we are finally in Menorca!
It was a nice and fast (38 hrs) crossing, albeit a bit rough through a confused sea.
However, we were more than compensated for by fantastic sunrises and sunsets, a dreamlike starry sky and bright moonlit nights.
And Neptune gave us another gift of a special kind: our first tuna caught on the high seas that didn't jump off our fishing rod.
Somehow I felt pity as this masterpiece of evolution, which is so perfectly adapted to its living conditions and consists only of muscles, fights for its life.
You hold it tight and feel the power in this body, which has adapted so perfectly to its needs over the course of millions of years.
But the masterpiece of evolution should ultimately become a masterpiece of the galley, so grab a bite behind the gills (from the fish, of course!) and he's dead. Gut, fillet and off to the fridge.
Thuna will be shared tonight with Uli and Imke von der Eiland, because Imke has her 21st birthday today, as well as with Johannes and Dominik, who spontaneously came to the Ballearen with their Dorasy to toast with Imke .
The freedom under sails is something fine after all!!!