Reunion with Hannes and Sabine

12. August 2008, Tuesday
40° 17' 16" N, 8° 27' 14" E

And again and again we realize: the world is a village!
At least in the sailing scene, everyone knows everyone else, or someone knows someone who knows someone who also knows you.
A German yacht had anchored next to us in Bosa, which we met again in the Torro del Conte Bay.
Yes, and they knew someone from our sister ship from Austria. Do we know them too? The ship is called the Cayenne. So what!
Johannes met Hannes and Sabine in Croatia and of course he was immediately excited that we are friends with them too. Sailors are like Indians: Your friends are my friends too.
Johannes lives on his Dorasy for eight months a year.
Up until a few years ago he worked like a deranged man, putting all his labor into his car dealership.
One day he was in a motorbike accident so bad that he almost lost his life and his left leg. From then on he thought about his stress and the meaning of life. Since that time he has lived on his boat for eight months a year and is unhappy that it has not been 12 months yet.
At the moment his eldest son Dominik is on board, aspiring pilot and enthusiastic salsa tournament dancer.
Tomorrow evening there are salsa lessons, after all, as a woman, you don't want to go to South America unprepared.
Dinner and plenty of wine on the Odin - It was a lovely social evening. Sailors are just like a big family. It's nice!