Bizerte / Tunisia

29. July 2008, Tuesday
37° 16' 42" N, 9° 52' 6" E

Bizerte was our last stop in Tunisia and at the same time our starting point heading north.
The most beautiful thing about this city was its originality, its Arabic flair, which we were able to let work on us here for the last time.
In the meantime we have arrived in Sardinia after a 24-hour trip and were a bit surprised by the unusual tourist hustle and bustle, we had forgotten that Italy was on vacation!
Even though there are no loungers next to one another, this island promises something unique at first glance.
The lush green of the trees that adorn the shore, the striking moors, the turquoise of the water, it is not for nothing that Bill Gates, Flavio Briatore and co. Vacation on their mega yachts.
But what makes us particularly happy is that Odin and Eiland arrived almost at the same time as Hannes and Sabine's Cayenne, which came from Sicily.
The world is a village after all.
And so we have been celebrating our reunion for two days and are happy that life is the way it is!