21. July 2008, Monday
36° 48' 49" N, 10° 10' 43" E

We have rounded Africa's second-northernmost cape - Cape Bon, and are anchored on the beach in front of Sidi Bou Said.
From here it is only a kilometer by taxi to the capital Tunis.
A city where the differences between occident and orient could not be clearer.
You can still feel the colonial legacy of France in the wide boulevards, which remind us of Paris with their trees and beautiful old Art Nouveau and Gründerzeit houses.
Just a few steps away is the old Medina, the old town, which immediately captivates you with its smells, its oriental bustle and the cool narrow streets.
Street vendors who sell cigarettes individually and high-end boutiques are not a stone's throw away from each other.
City of millions and Arab village - all this can be found in this unique metropolis.
Our anchor is firmly on the bottom and will remain so for a few more days.