shit happens

19. July 2008, Saturday
36° 50' 3" N, 11° 6' 27" E

anchor artist!
We actually wanted to go to the small marina in Keliba, but since everything was full, we went out to the anchorage.
What came next was ready for a movie!
First, the "Eiland" runs aground. We come to her aid and pull her diagonally with the Odin and her main halyard, so that the draft is reduced and "Eiland" is released.
Works great!
We feel like we are part of the "German Society for the Rescue of Shipwrecked People. Suddenly, plog plog plong, ... what's that?
The question is answered straight away: floats in a fishing net that we swam into knock on the hull.
This time the island comes to our aid. Armed with a flashlight and pocket knife, Uli simply cuts the net out of the screw.
In the meantime we have drifted so far towards land that we are now stuck ourselves.
Eiland has to go now. Uli loses his underwater flashlight and a strap (paddle) from the dinghy. In the middle of the hustle and bustle, the coast guard comes and wants to check the papers in the chaos.
All in all a scene straight out of a Louis de Funes film.
There are days that you don't even believe exist!

The next morning, Bertel spends over an hour under the boat with the oxygen bottle cutting the rest of the propeller and shaft mesh.
Next time we'll be more careful!