North Africa

9. July 2008, Wednesday
35° 38' 54" N, 10° 50' 56" E

Here we are, on the continent many call Mama Africa.
Given all the troubles this continent suffers, it can only be an evil stepmother from one of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales.
Tunisia itself is one of the more advanced countries in North Africa and knows how to use the country's tourist treasures.
Away from the Neckermann enclaves, however, it is still the land of the proud Arabs and Berbers.
This is particularly noticeable on the markets, where, in the very oriental tradition, the goods on offer are being sold with great obtrusiveness for our Western European sensibilities.
For example, that the meat on offer is fresh, despite the lack of a freezer, can be seen from the chopped off heads of the poor, delicious creatures on display in front of the shop. If your eyes still shine, then the rondevouz with the butcher is what it is animal went out quite unhappily, not too long ago.
Here you are mercilessly reminded that the delicious steaks, shrink-wrapped in cellophane from the Western supermarket, do not grow on trees.

We ourselves are moored together with Uli and Imke from the "Eiland" in a nice but quite "lively" marina, and since there are hardly any bays in Tunisia where you can anchor, we will probably become port berths for the near future.
That's doubly annoying...first because of the harbor fees and secondly we can't jump into the warm water from the boat, which would prove to be very advantageous at almost 40 degrees heat.
Oh yes, life is hard!