EM semifinals

27. June 2008, Friday
35° 53' 20" N, 14° 27' 28" E

Obelix would say, "They're crazy, the Maltese!"
In the truest sense of the word they are actually "Knallkoeppe"!
Okay, we sometimes shoot at New Year's Eve, or at German reunification, but here they have so much fun making things explode that every evening at the anchorage it sounds like the final battle for Baghdad.
As soon as it gets dark, no, as soon as it's dawn, there's banging and banging, as if they were being paid for it.
Well, everyone has their hobbies and preferences and it's amazing what you can get used to.
As you can easily see, we are still in Malta and have decided, after watching the semi-finals here with Heike and Stefan from the "Baju", to also fly the German flag at the European Championship final.
All in all, we're not football fans, but after all, a party is a party.
Oh yes - and Sicily is definitely still beautiful after Germany became European Champion!