Ruediger Nehberg

15. June 2008, Sunday
Position unbekannt

What a surprise!
The phone rang this morning and one of Bertel's best friends, the adventurer and human rights activist Ruediger Nehberg, was on the other end of the line.
We were both happy as snow kings and took the opportunity to congratulate him on his second (!) Federal Cross of Merit.
With his human rights organization Target, he has been fighting the cruel ritual of genital mutilation of girls, especially in Muslim countries, for eight years with incredible success.
It's hard to believe what he and his partner Anette Weber, as "infidels", have achieved with their organization Target (Bertel is one of the founding members, by the way) in these difficult times, despite fundamentalism, terrorism and suspicion of the West.
So it will largely be thanks to Target, Nehberg and Anette Weber if this cruel slaughter of around 3000 girls every day will hopefully come to an end within the next few years.
With all the great news that Ruediger reported, Bertel's hair stood up more than once and he was totally happy after the interview and proud of his friend's work. Me too, by the way!

As a book tip: The Caravan of Hope (by Ruediger Nehberg) There the topic is described in an exciting way.
Also: on July 11 on NDR and on the Internet at