14. June 2008, Saturday
36° 0' 52" N, 14° 20' 3" E

BLle Lagoon - how it sounds!
This bay, on the island of Comino, between Malta and Gozo, is the star motif on every third postcard.
After the days in Valletta, solitude would be nice again.
Rock-lined banks, interrupted by fine sandy beaches, with crystal-clear, turquoise water.
The postcards hadn't lied. Just fantastic!
Only one thing we had neglected: Malta claims to have the highest population density in the EU and there are also thousands of tourists. As a result, the bay was crowded like El Arenal beach in Mallorca.
Tourist boats hiss back and forth at the anchorage, spitting out their cargo. Locals cruise between them with their noisy power boats and the jet skis should not be missing either.
But in the evening everything had disappeared again and peace returned. The soft splashing of waves is the background music as we barbecue on the beach at sunset. Until suddenly ... two huge tourist disco ships attack the bay with techno sound and screaming DJs.
We make a virtue out of necessity and simply dance along on the beach.
After midnight, they too have disappeared and peace returns - until the next morning.
We let the hustle and bustle work on us, enjoy two full days of free "Hafenkino" and are happy to be able to lift anchor at any time to escape from it all.