Enough of the tourist hype

1. June 2008, Sunday
Position unbekannt

Our need for mass and package tourism is covered for now!
Thousands of people sitting in restaurants on the waterfront, like here in Chania, lost their entertainment value after a day or two.
If we are completely honest, then the shops and boutiques are always the same.
What we are missing now is some solitude and we will have that in the next few days.
We're going to Malta. Depending on the wind and weather, we will need between four and six days and nights non-stop. In other words: little sleep in the near future!
As westerly winds are the dominant direction at this time of year, it is most likely that we will first have to set a course for the North African coast and then sail half wind to Malta. East wind would be perfect, then we could reach our destination directly with a downwind course.
So, keep your fingers crossed for us and finish your plates nicely so that we get perfect wind!