Rhodes with Rudi

22. May 2008, Thursday
36° 25' 46" N, 28° 13' 11" E

And now we are here again: Rhodes!
Island of the sun, island of flowers, island of mass tourism and island of LIDL.
Although a day late, we finally arrived here today to bunker.
We actually wanted to be on Rhodes yesterday, but unfortunately there was a mistake in the harbor handbook: Göcek is not a port of entry - so back to Fethiye.
Finally on Rhodes, Bertel has taken over the bureaucratic clearance hurdles, harbor master, customs police and immigration (which, by the way, were all miles apart) and I went shopping with Rudi to LIDL.
Somehow he couldn't understand how a woman looks forward to an exclusive shop like LIDL as if she were going to buy shoes at Manolo Blahnik.
This enthusiasm made him consider inviting his dear wife Anni to go on a big shopping spree: LIDL - ALDI - PENNY.
All in all another wonderful day and it ended in a Greek restaurant with bad Greek food and overpriced prices.
You can believe me: Greece has so much to offer, but definitely not good food!!!