26. August 2023, Saturday
6° 21' 48" N, 116° 20' 3" E

Well, it probably took a little longer than expected!

On the one hand the new logbook entry, on the other hand our stay in our filthy marina.  

As you know, the reason for our stay in Marina was the delivery of our new dinghies scheduled for June 20th.

The manufacturer in China promised us this delivery date, so we sold our old dinghy, which lost some air over time, 

but was otherwise in great shape, for little money.    


Because we could no longer leave the marina without a dinghy to anchor in a bay.  

The manufacturer put us off from week to week with lies until the dinghy finally arrived in Labuan 2 months late.

In addition to the marina costs incurred, the supplier was also "friendly" enough to increase the price for the delivery costs 

by almost 300 euros!  This should be collected by the import agent before the goods should be delivered.   Clever Chinese! 

So he has my dinghy, which I paid for a long time ago, including freight, as a hostage. 

Experience shows that once a Chinese has the money in hand, it is almost impossible to get it back.  Arguing with this "businessman"

 about the 300 euros and staying longer in the fucked up marina was not an alternative!   So pay and forget!

You can probably imagine that I can't make any recommendations for this Company.

 Anyway, Dinghy is here and we're back on our way to the northern tip of Borneo.  

Wonderful day trips, anchoring in bays where there are only a few fisherman's huts on the beach and there is no sign 

of tourism far and wide.    We now let our souls dangle and enjoy nature and solitude.