29. November 2020, Sunday
11° 6' 50" N, 119° 20' 4" E

Oh yes ... sometimes I'm really jealous of you at home.
In all these years I have almost forgotten how great it is to get a well-founded answer from a craftsman, to meet a saleswoman who has an idea of ​​what she is selling.
To find anything at all that I am currently looking for on the ship that is not made in China.
I admire you that you can order something on the Internet and that it doesn't take 2 or 3 months to get it to you.
Anyone who thinks that I have got used to this circumstance over the years should take a look at my steering wheel and pay attention to the bite marks that become more and more when I think of the infrastructure in some paradisiacal corners of the world and its specialists - as well as the Supply situation from which I am annoyed.

Yes ... I envy you ... At least…sometimes!

But do I want to swap?
Well, I rarely need a spare part or competent information and I don't order online every day. But when it does, it's as annoying as incompetent politicians! (as you know there are plenty of them all over the world at the moment!);)
Everything is fine my dear friends.
I just wanted to write a little frustration from my heart. Now that we are away from everything that has to do with civilization and roaming across our islands, everything is back to normal!
Life is Beautiful!