Pulau Gaya

19. January 2020, Sunday
6° 0' 44" N, 116° 1' 3" E

We are just 2 miles from the capital of Sabah and if it weren't for the tourist boats that take the day tourists to the various islands around Kota Kinabalu,
we would have the feeling of being alone in the world. No other ship is anchored in our bay and the beaches are untouched by visitors apart from monkeys
and wild boars who look for food at low tide.
From time to time fishermen who live in stilts houses on the other end of the island pass by in their outriggers and greet friendly and then fish.
Although this is a strictly protected nature reserve, we are in Asia where the nature conservation regulations on paper are exemplary but only on paper.
The water is clear, but there are hardly any fish to be seen. They mostly end up in the saucepan of the fishermen who sometimes even fish with dynamite
and destroy every marine life.
In short, diving or snorkeling are of no interest to us here. The islands themselves are untouched and flora and fauna of the island is marvelous.
So our days begin with the music of the jungle, which also offers background sound at sunset.

Remember: Lazing around is also an activity!