Miri / Borneo - 4411th day of this journey

27. November 2019, Wednesday
4° 23' 6" N, 113° 58' 19" E

We are in the Marina of Miri, waiting for a spare part and it annoys me when to read the nonsense in the German and international press.
Please allow me once that I write exceptionally not only positive in the logbook, but write about what is close to my heart: Nature!
Since August 2007 I am now on the seas of this world to visit the last paradises of this wonderful planet.
Finding unspoilt islands is getting harder, but they still exist.
However, many of the uninhabited islands are witness to a misguided environmental policy of the powerful in this world.
 "Please no plastic bag ...." says the eco-conscious consumer at the cash register in the supermarket, but everything we buy in supermarkets is packed in plastic, although there would be plenty of alternatives, if we only wanted.
They try to sell us no plastic bag in Supermarkets will save our world, but we pack our garbage in plastic bags. Isn´t that crazy?
Sure, plastic bags are also a pimple on the ass, but softener bottles, water bottles, flip flops, disposable lighters, oil cans, shower gel, shampoo bottles, toothpaste tubes, etc. are all for the environment much more burdensome disposable products, for which there would be alternatives - if the ignorant and arrogant rulers and their lobbyists just wanted.
We often collect plastic garbage from beaches that the sea has spewed out and what we find is so much, it can usually no longer be packed in bags and transported away!
Expended huge plastic fishing nets that are simply thrown from boats into the sea are among the biggest problems. Fishes, dolphins, whales or turtles are caught in them and die. The Garbage carpets in the Oceans in the size of whole states!
These are the real problems, not the sensational photo of a rare stupid turtle with a straw in his nose, which haunted the media landscape a few months ago!
We collect this garbage to huge garbage piles on the beach ... .and light it, otherwise it will be washed back into the sea and become microplastics. Certainly this is not the most elegant form, but the only one available.
Apart from that, the waste in countries of the 3rd world is usually burned anyway, since there is no waste disposal.
Thanks to allways new trade agreements, the goods are carted across the seas with thousands of cargo ships carrying heavy oil. Politicians or celebrities who need PR pretend that they take seriously a 16 year old naive child from Sweden with apocalyptic fantasies crown the whole thing!
Instead of amateur theater Europe and the USA, the political leaders should help the Third World countries to deal with their massive garbage problems, which they would not have without our unscrupulous multinational corporations! We must never forget that we have only this one planet and that it is certainly possible to make common environmental agreements on terms to trade agreements.
Just think!
Sorry, but I had to get rid of that ... next time, there's more positive. ;)