Anambas Islands

29. September 2019, Sunday
2° 59' 43" N, 105° 48' 34" E

The crossing to the Anambas islands was very uncomfortable due to the hard wind course, but also very fast. The first thing you do when you reach a new country is to declare ( the ship and the crew at Quarantine, customs, immigration and harbor master.)

However, sailing directly to the capital of the archipelago which is the Terampa would mean ignoring all the beautiful islands completely untouched by tourism along the way.
Fantastic beaches, crystal clear water as I have only experienced in the South Seas and the wonderful solitude of the bays.
Although, it is not so lonely, because we meet the catamaran Umineko and the American photographer Tom as well as his girlfriend Sheryl whom we know from Langkawi and from our boatyard stop in Satun so of course one or two Sundowner are expected on the evenings.

Walk on the beach, laze, dive, snorkel, end the day on a lonely beach with a cool beer in your hand ... what more do you need to be happy ?!

I write these lines in my computer without knowing when we will next have an internet connection to put it online.
If it were up to me, this could take a few more weeks ;)