Capitol City feeling ;)

31. July 2019, Wednesday
2° 49' 35" N, 104° 9' 33" E

Tekek - what sounds like the name of a blood sucking insect is the small capital of the Tioman archipelago.
Here, the ferries arrive from the mainland and even an airport with all the trimmings has been built.
The Gouvernement of Malaysia has built without thinking very much, because it is served by a small plane once a week at most. Ferrys are a lot cheaper!
Wonderful working conditions for airport firefighters and other servants if they have to work only once a week. ;)
Malaysia simply has too much money due to the abundance of oil and does not think about it without its sense, economy or suitable management. After a few years, the device is then unusable. (Especially we have to know this with the state Marinas.)

Tekek is a destination for divers, but the beautiful beaches remain unused.
This has two reasons. For one, there are almost exclusively Asian tourists and they find pale skin irresistibly beautiful, while brown skin is decidedly ugly. The few white tourists will certainly not sunbathe on the sandy beaches after the first day. The reason: sandflies!
This less than a millimeter small, quiet and completely painless biting pests makes Mosquitos lovable pets.
You do not notice the bite, or rather the scoring of the skin, but some time later these spots swell up and itching to despair for 2 to 3 weeks. At night you scratch yourself bloody and infections are often the result.

Nice that we are not sun worshipers. But also party and sundowner or barbecues on the beach here on the main island are not possible.

Anyway , we have more important things to do. To make the laundry! A Filipina who manages a dive shop has provided us with her washing machine and so we take this opportunity extensively.

Even life in paradise has its everyday struggles. ;)#