Diving in Tioman

22. July 2019, Monday
2° 54' 48" N, 104° 6' 7" E

On Pulau Tulai we met Keith from Ireland, a solo Sailor, who years ago worked here as a diving instructor and knows every coral stick and every fish on Tioman archipelago.
Keith is an extremely quiet personable guy and we got to know him very conscientiously so he was named a personal dive instructor of Frel.
I had not used my diving equipment for over 2 years, so they were no longer certified and no longer safe. Nice that Keith had several equipment on board and helped us out.
We now have to find a way to get our equipment certified, or to buy new ones.
But this will be impossible in Tioman and difficult on the next destinations, the Anambas Islands.
We will find a way!