Almost like new!

07. May 2019, Tuesday
6° 39' 23" N, 99° 58' 17" E

The Thais are a fascinating people.
Tourism has been one of the country's main sources of income for over 40 years, but hardly anyone speaks more than 3 words of English.
This makes it ofcourse difficult when it comes to a mechanic, locksmith or painter jiobs and to make a special request. But somehow it works out anyway. Sometimes 3 words are enough, or you have luck and Michael from the Fiji Islands, one of the managers of the shipyard is nearby and helps.
We have never met so lovable and helpful people in Thailand as here in Satun, far from tourism hotspots.
Example: We drove into the city with an old scooter to do errands for our locksmith, because he does not even have a screw or rivet in stock.
I guess most of you are not that fluent in Thai - so we have something in common.
I had forgotten to refuel the scooter ... so push. A young Thai stops and takes us to the "gas station" with his scooter in tow. Great!
"Petrol pumps, which usually 95 or 91 octane gasoline is sold by coin. The problem: all written in Thai! Whether 91 or 95 octane is actually doesn´t matter, the main thing is to get some fuel!
After refueling the scooter does not start ... and the fuel smells funny .... Kinda like ... Diesel ?!
Crap! Diesel fueled! The scooter does not like that.
A passerby Thai stops and talks something in ofcourse - Thai. We smile, nod friendly and wave goodbye. A thumbs up sign from us and then he drives away.
After a few minutes, our Thai is here again.. with a Coke bottle full of gasoline and a piece of old hose with which he tried to suck the diesel out of the scooter. Bottoms up!
It does not help. After all the sucking and drying up the tank out of diesel and refueling it with gasoline now, all to no avail. It did not start.
He insists on loading the scooter on the back of his pick up and drives us to a total of 6 different workshops, but all are close. Bullocks! Ist Sunday!
We wanted to give him money for the costs incurred, but he resolutely declined, instead he asked for our number and said that if in case we need further help we should contact him.
Thank you ... Bon.
We are totally touched ... that too is Thailand.

Oh, before I forget it: The work on the ship is almost completely done and I can only say positive things about the PSS shipyard in Satun in the south of Thailand.
Thanks to their professional work and their hospitality.