Civilization and its dangers!

10. April 2019, Wednesday
6° 10' 19" N, 99° 48' 26" E

We have cleared in at Langkawi and at the same time started to supply Odin.
It's a pity that we are not in the USA at the moment, otherwise our board cash would have received a massive boost from the local authorities. Any dork who burns his mouth in the United States because he's drinking hot coffee, or accidentally wants to dry his freshly washed poodle in the microwave with no sign posted that this is not feasible, gets supported by countless shrewd lawyers million-fold severance payments.
An open drain in which one falls and is injured is like a lottery win.
Unfortunately, we are only in Malaysia, where it is safer to walk through the jungle than to use a pedestrian lane. Suddenly and without warning, holes open up, into which an adult person can disappear. Allof a sutten you are in the canal and beeing stupidly looked at by warans or rats who live in there!
This happened to me when a part of a manhole cover was missing, just enough space to fit in my whole foot and leg. Result: Leg and knee bruised and scalped my great uncle!
Stupid thing, because it heals very slow.
So thats it with shopping at the moment.
We just get the most necessary things and with two other German sailors we know from last year, we went back in the nature.
Give my big uncle a chance to heal.
Like I said, how nice this little mishap would have been if it had happened in the US, but apparently the Malays have their eyes in their heads and look very carefully where they step! ;)