Expensive birthday gifts

03. December 2018, Monday
7° 46' 28" N, 98° 18' 11" E

For years I had anchors, chains, more 100 liter canisters, heavy ropes, etc. stored in the sail storage at the bow. Everything packed in the storage space, in the knowledge Amel is well known for its quality.
For years went well!
But I should not have done that, because for such weights the sail storage spaces were not suitable.
When tidying up and entering the storage compartments on the foredeck, I noticed that these yielded to my weight. Not good!
The inner box had cracked, water seeped through the years, and the ship's movements on heavy seas probably de-laminated the wooden floor of the boxes.

No big problem, only expensive! ;)
We have commissioned a boatbuilder to replace the wood with fiberglass and now Odin is happy about the sturdy bug boxes and their shiny stainless steel anchor on the bow ... only the credit card cries bitter tears again. ;)

Now we sail north on the western side of Thailand, the Andaman Sea.
No stress, no timetable!
If we like a bay we stay longer ... or even longer, if not we sail to the next one.