eyeball navigation!

2. September 2013, Monday
19° 0' 46" S, 178° 29' 41" E

It is true that the way from one anchorage to the next, here in the Astrolabe Reef, is only a few hours, but due to the fact that these stretches are peppered with coral blocks just waiting to open a yacht, you can use these passages, despite all the technology Board, the computer navigation, radar, sea charts, etc. only navigate with the perfect position of the sun around noon. Only then can a lookout on the bow see the danger spots.

Often the mind that wants to persuade you comes forward; Man, that's too dangerous, leave it, don't risk the ship, it's not worth it, etc..
It's a good thing that I only listened to this anxious mind, geared towards 100 percent certainty, to a limited extent, otherwise I would not have started this journey in the first place and we would not have even seen many beautiful places in the world.
Like today's destination, Naigoro Bay, with the pass of the same name that we want to dive in, in the south-east of the island of Kadavu.