All sea gods against us!

6. July 2013, Saturday
16° 49' 41" S, 179° 59' 20" W

Let's put it this way:
A comfortable crossing is something else!
Against wind, current and waves we bolt at top speed in the direction of our next destination.
Odin thunders over the high waves, lifts her bow steeply out of the water, and then crashes back into the sea with the full force of her 16 tons.
Every time the rig trembles so much that you need a lot of trust in the ship,
so as not to be afraid that the mast won't take it.
Only, slower was hardly possible, we didn't want to sail through the dangerous reef passages in the dark and reach our destination, the island of Taveuni, before sunset.

Slowly it dawned on us why hardly any yacht chooses the route north around Vanua Levu!

We reached the anchorage late in the afternoon.
Only Poseidon, Neptune and all available sea gods seemed to be against us.
The anchorage was so rough due to the weather that Odin shook back and forth and almost threw us out of our bunks at night, and it rained non-stop.
The next morning let's go, towards the south coast of Vanua Levus.
Now we are like in the duck pond in the bay of Dakuniba and enjoy a perfect anchorage.
We visit the village, make our obligatory sevu sevu, the courtesy visit to the village chief to ask permission to anchor and enter the land.
We explore the jungle, snorkel or watch the innumerable flying foxes that start searching for food over the mangrove forests every evening.