Such a crap!

30. July 2011, Saturday
17° 31' 16" S, 149° 31' 11" W

We are in Papeete, the French capital. Polynesia in Tahiti.
Admittedly, not the worst place in the world either, but we only wanted to be here in about a month.

Now you're probably wondering why, what happened?!

Well, when we reached the first atoll of the Tuamotus after 5 days of rather uncomfortable sailing and wanted to start the engine for the passage before the dangerous reef passage, it didn't make a peep.
Just under sail through such a narrow passage, with its currents of up to 8 knots, would be madness.

So, 2 days further sailing to Tahiti.

Although I managed to get the engine running again, headfirst in the engine compartment, in rough seas (with a worryingly green face in the meantime), but a defective cooling hose quickly put an end to the joy. Final TILT!

With favorable winds we were able to sail through a wide section of the reef belt to the west of Tahiti and also found a great anchorage. Phew done!

But only for 2 hours, because then the coast guard came, declared no anchoring and towed us into the industrial and fishing port. There we were tied to a floating jetty between oil and gas tanks, with a wonderful view of a shipyard. :O(

Imagine we are tied to such a place in Tahiti, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Of course, the spare part isn't available here either, and we now have to pull out all the stops to have it flown in here.

Our strongest lever is called Axel, is Uts' brother and a real organizational talent.
He has been living in Bangkok for many years and from there he called the whole world for us, New Zealand, England, Australia etc. until he found the part in Singapore.
Now it's on its way here via FedEx.
Thank you very much Axel, for this you will receive the golden Odin organization medal first class on ribbon.

Well, after many weeks we are enjoying city life with everything that goes with it.