8. February 2010, Monday
19° 59' 38" N, 75° 49' 39" W

What romantic ideas most of us associate with this country.

After three days of crossing we landed in Santiago de Cuba and got to know the most sprawling bureaucracy of our life so far.

There were whole migrations of bureaucrats on the Odin when checking in.

First, the health authorities came on board with surgical masks and examined our "plague steamer". Then lots of forms.
The immigration office followed with even more forms, then the veterinary office, the agricultural office, then an office whose meaning I didn't understand, then the official beetle finder, followed by the official seed finder.

Customs came with drug-sniffing dogs, who thoroughly inspected the ship.
When we thought we were over it, it really got going.
Even sharper than the sniffer dogs, the following customs officials turned Odin inside out and we got to know corners of our sailing ship that we hadn't suspected before.

You can imagine how annoying it is when people with green face masks (which everyone wore by the way) rummage around in personal and most personal things, but we didn't feel annoyed at any moment.

All of the officials were incredibly friendly and cordial and did their own paperwork and always kept up their Cuban merriment.

After the harbor master was on board, the marina representative and another official from the agricultural authority and tons of pointless paper was produced, we were finally cleared.

hp Due to immensely bad internet connections, we are unfortunately not able to upload new photos, but we will do so soon...