Holy cannon barrel

22. June 2008, Sunday
Position unbekannt

I can already see the headlines in my head:
"Sensation! Cannon from the 16th century found in the Main. Shipping suspended!"
The Bavarian Minister of Education explains that such historical events only occur in Bavaria under the government of the CSU, etc.
Malta, on the other hand, is so blessed with ancient treasures that these cannons can be found everywhere. Converted into mooring bollards for ships, or just unmotivated, buried upside down in the ground.
Cannons, once built to annihilate and destroy, now live peacefully here and sometimes even serve a useful purpose.
We are back in Malta and took Mama and Chris on their return flight last Friday. It was 10 wonderful days in which I apparently experienced a relapse into my prepubertal phase. In other words: Chris and I were wonderfully silly and childish, which eventually annoyed the "alpha animal" on board a bit.
Nevertheless, it's nice to be childish sometimes, even as an adult, because life is usually way too serious anyway!
We will now explore Malta's cultural heritage for a few more days and then, if the wind blows in the right direction, head to Sicily.