Journey into the Past Part 2

24. June 2024, Monday
12° 34' 57" N, 99° 57' 5" E

Actually, the interpersonal life on board is not much different on such a trip than on land. 

With the exception of being together 24 hours a day. 

7 days a week!

Far longer than in normal life.

So one year counts like three.

If you now take into account the abundance of all the experiences that you have together in the often most remote countries of the world, it is almost enough for a normal human life.

But just like on land, relationships on board can end for a variety of reasons.

What usually remains are great friendships and the wonderful memories of the time together.

My ex-partner Uts (Ute Schmidt), with whom I sailed large parts of the Caribbean and the endless South Seas for over 6 years, from 2009 to 2015, has been living in Thailand for a few years where she has built up a successful company.

Frel and I were looking forward to visiting her again on this trip through Thailand.

About 5 years ago we had visited Uts in Bangkok and then she had joined us on board Odin in Malaysia, so by circumnavigator standards there hasn't been too much time in between, but somehow way too long.

The difference between bustling Pattaya and the leisurely Hua Hin where Uts lives couldn't be greater.

I think after my ex-partner got to know and appreciate the tranquility of remote islands and bays, this place, where she lives in a spacious house with a swimming pool (a bit of sea is a must) and her two small dogs Lionel and Messi, is just the thing.

Frel and I were also more relaxed than ever on land. No noise, no people, no traffic... just enjoy the here and now.

Great conversations, memories of the adventures together, which made us both aware once again of what a great time we were able to spend together in the six years and how lucky we were to experience all these fantastic places together.

The love between Uts and me turned into connection and friendship - and this is more than many married or current couples can claim to have.