finally back in the water

01. May 2022, Sunday
14° 10' 51" N, 120° 36' 13" E

Coming from Germany, where even every window cleaner, for example, does a 3-year professional training, it is always a challenge for me to work with the conditions in tropical countries.
Sometimes I have the feeling that as soon as someone knows how to hold a screwdriver correctly, they are already a qualified mechanic.
So the lack of skilled workers is not only a problem among our politicians, but also here on site.
Nevertheless, we made arrangements, the boys gave their best under "constant supervision" and the result is satisfactory after nerve-wracking weeks.
Since even the overwhelmed management has its own very creative interpretation of the commercial calculation, (here the prices are probably diced) there is a need for discussion after receiving the overpriced bill.
But this hurdle was also cleared and Odin entered the old, little-maintained Travel Lift. Creaking and squeaking, we moved towards the water, where a suddenly flat tire on the crane caused a stir.
But everything went well.
Let's get out of the box!

Now we are far away from the karaoke hell on a mooring and are waiting for a spare part from Germany.
Oh, and by the way:
Shortage of skilled workers and overwhelmed managment also at DHL!
80 euros for a 1.5 kg package that has been with DHL at Frankfurt Airport since mid-April and is not moving.
"Sail around the world" they said "you experience adventures you don't even dare to dream of" they said.

They were right! ;)