Finally a new logbook entry

24. November 2021, Wednesday
11° 13' 14" N, 119° 20' 28" E

Ouch, was it really that long ago that I wrote the last logbook entry here?
The last few months it was the rainy season and we just didn't feel like strolling across the islands.
We didn't want to photograph our lunch or our breakfast egg any more than we wanted to photograph ourselves, nor did we want to lie lazily in the ship and read while tropical storms and rain showers pass by outside.

Now that the rain and typhoon time is over, we are drawn back to the many islands, lagoons, bays and beaches to capture their beauty for us and you.
In the Cadlao lagoon we only hear the lapping of the small, gentle waves that still reach the beach at the end of the lagoon. A few birds are loudly claiming their territory and we are sitting in the shade of the rugged limestone rocks and enjoying the breakfast we have brought with us.
There is no question that it is beautiful here.

Quite honestly, as beautiful as it may be here, but after all the many months that Corona has been holding us here in the Philippines since March 2020, we are hopefully looking forward to sailing trips to other exotic countries again soon.
The "after Corona" plans in our heads are diverse.
Back to the South Seas, to Yap or Palau…. hmmmm ...
Hong Kong would also be on the way ...
and Japan on its own keel is also a long-cherished wish.
However, we haven't seen all of Borneo by far.
Not to forget that we only partially saw the 7107 islands of the Philippines.
In summary, we can actually say that the plan is - that we have no plan ... other than to enjoy our sailors' lives!
We are confident that we will soon be able to sail with our Odin to where the wind and our curiosity will take us …..if Corona doesn’t thwart our plans in the New Year. ;)