5000 days under sails

26. April 2021, Monday
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Today on April 26nd I have been traveling non-stop with Odin for exactly 5000 !
Calculated differently, this is 714 weeks ... or 167 months ... or almost 14 years of vacation!
Of course, a lot goes through my head with this numbers!
For example, that I used up all of my vacation entitlement for the rest of my life!
If normal person is normally well served with 2 weeks a year under palm trees, I would have to rework for 357 years. (OK ... then I do this occasionally.) ;)
Of course, the impressions i collect on such a long journey around the world by ship are immense and so are the flood of images with which i try to capture what i have experienced for me and my friends.

The fact is:
Most of the time I was not enthusiastic about the dream destinations in the travel catalogs such as the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, but rather by the places away from the tourism industry, the last virtually untouched spots on this wonderful planet. (Of course there were exceptions such as Bali.)
I picked out a few pictures of of some places that I liked the most…up to now! ;)

Of course, this list of pictures is not complete, but maybe you have already been to one or the other place in these tropical places and agree with me.