Hotel ruins in the jungle

04. April 2021, Sunday
11° 5' 42" N, 119° 24' 2" E

Many dream of owning their own island.
I could never fully understand this wish. After a while you know every corner of the island and every evening you sit on the same terrace with the same view of the sunset. So everything is almost like home, only without neighbors!
It is always more interesting to discover and explore new islands, because let's be honest: most of us are still the same children inside with the adventure and love of discovery that we were many decades ago.So we always find new things on our travels that make these children's hearts beat faster.

For example, not far from the beach of an island, we find ruins of small and large houses that are abandoned and overgrown in the jungle.
We later find out that this is a former luxury resort which was destroyed by a typhoon many years ago.
The operators did not have the money to rebuild and so the jungle stretches to the beach and take back what belongs to it.
We also see the big and small things on our forays across the mostly uninhabited islands. Animals, plants and a nature that almost vomits from fertility.
We are happy with all those who have retained this childlike curiosity and the fun of adventures ... or rediscover it at some point.