Chris & Kris

20. February 2021, Saturday
11° 6' 10" N, 119° 24' 34" E

Home office ... for a year at the latest, the whole world has known what to do with this term: Working from home!
Our Canadian / French sailing friends Chryss & Kryss had this idea almost 4 years ago.
As a self-employed consultant, you usually only need a computer for your job and it doesn't really matter where this computer is.
So they packed up their electronic office and traveled to South America and Asia by car, plane or ship and always worked from where there was an Internet connection.
In 2020 they came to Palawan and then travel was over thanks to global lockdown.
Anyone who reads our logbook regularly knows what happened next from one of the last posts.
The two had the brainstorm to buy a sailing boat and from now on continue their journey with a floating home office.
Said and done!
Without knowing anything about sailing, they invested almost all of their savings in "La Mandragore", an approx. 40 year old 11 meter green steel ship, learned to sail, repair and maintain and are really happy with their new home.
Since the two of them are off the beaten track and somehow wonderfully crazy, a great friendship has developed between us and so we are currently enjoying discovering bays, beaches and islands of this beautiful island world together.