Update on the lightning strike

18. December 2020, Friday
11° 8' 31" N, 119° 24' 52" E

Small update on our current repair situation.

There are first reports of success from on board the Odin.
Our mechanic managed to get our refrigerator back to full working order.
All other repair attempts failed miserably.

This flash couldn't have chosen a worse place than here.
Not only is there nothing to buy for ships in Palawan, no, in the whole of the Philippines there are hardly any of the necessary devices.
Everything has to be flown in.

Actually, apart from the horrendous transport costs and the 40% luxury tax on yacht accessories, according to my information, this would not be a problem. Many of the things that we had ordered in Germany, the USA, France and Australia were already in the Philippines after 3 days.
However, the customs work here with such laziness that it can take 6-10 weeks for the parts to be released and arrive at us.
Progress here is a little slower than we are used to in our industrial nations.
But there is still a positive message!
Fortunately, the repair costs will probably not be as high as initially predicted by a local "specialist" and finally, in addition to various parts that were available locally, the lithium batteries I ordered in October have arrived.
I'm happy about that and I'll replace it with the old battery bank today.

We take small steps, but things are moving forward.