Rain break

11. October 2020, Sunday
11° 12' 51" N, 119° 22' 32" E

It has been raining here almost nonstop for a week.

I wrote in one of the last blogs that the rainy season here in Palawan has probably forgotten us. It was probably a mistake. ;)
The rain was made up massively and we were condemned to do nothing.
Since yesterday the weather has cleared up, even if the weather report tells us that it is pouring rain.
On the east side of the small island of Cadlao there is said to be a small waterfall with ice-cold spring water. The location description was somewhere near the mangroves in the jungle, so let's go. Ice cold sounds good!
The small stream is found quickly and we just follow it until we find the small waterfall.
(In that case, small really wasn't an understatement;)
Those of you who are not sailors cannot imagine what it means to be able to draw fresh water from the full without worrying about refilling the water tanks. Every drop of fresh water for boiling, drinking, showering, washing has to be brought on board, or it has to be generated there with great energy expenditure with the help of a desalination plant (called water maker).
Yeah, I know what you're thinking now:
You just want to make the argument that it has been raining cats and dogs for the last few days and that we should have an abundance of water.
You are right, but this lack of water is simply inherent in every sailor and it is difficult for us not to be like this . ;)
We stay in the jungle for a little longer time, listen the voices of the forest, watch some wild animals ... or maybe they watched us.
After a while we have to leave our cold waterfall and head towards the beach so as not to be completely sucked out by mosquitos.

Oh, that was a luxury.

Sometimes it's the little things that you learn to appreciate - and this is also a wonderful experience on such a trip.