Everything has it's price!

26. July 2020, Sunday
11° 12' 4" N, 119° 20' 32" E

Sometimes our life here seems surreal to us during the worldwide corona restrictions.
Somehow we almost don't feel affected by all the hustle and bustle.
We follow world events via the Internet and imagine that we started this trip 25 years ago, without the Internet.
We would not have noticed the global impact of a hysterically freaking world. Corona, BLM, Greta, refugee crises, lock downs, travel bans, restrictions in private life and constraints that even George Orwell could not have imagined in his work "1984".
The Internet and the associated globalization have certainly made life easier on a sailing yacht. Information about countries, current entry requirements, weather reports, current sea maps, storm warnings and much more. Good thing!

Nevertheless, now and then we think it would be better to simply live in your own bladder in a paradise environment that is hardly affected by everything anyway and simply enjoy life.
But that does not work ... Man is just too curious. ;)
Everything has its price. ;)