The fascination of the morbid ... a new chapter

07. July 2019, Sunday
2° 52' 26" N, 104° 9' 3" E

When we arrive in the bay in the extreme north west side of Tioman, we notice a beautifully located resort. Nestled on the mountain, it adapts beautifully to the landscape.
We would not have expected such a large resort here .. the guests must have a gigantic view of jungle and bay.

As we get closer, we see that this hotel is slowly but surely swallowed up by the jungle.
We have to look at that.
To learn more about the resort, we ask the locals what the resort is all about and when and why it was closed.
The answer amazes us, because the resort was never opened.
Although the owner had been granted a building permit and he had invested millions in this tourism project ... but .. he had never received an operating license.

No one knows what this is all about, except that when the hotel was done, the authorities refused to grant the operating permit.
Apparently they had forgotten to pay the obligatory bribes! ;)

After some searching we find the wild stairs and start exploring the area.
Carefully, because the wooden floors of the houses are rotten after 20 years or broken, toilets, construction equipment, fire extinguishers, mattresses, in short everything the locals could not need is scattered all over the place and is slowly overgrown by the vegetation.
l like such abandoned places. They show that one day, when humanity will not exist anymore, nature will conquere everything again!